Hot Pools

Bathing at Maruia is a pure relaxation experience year-round with indoor and outdoor pools. Our pools range int temperature from 36-42C. 

Set beside the soothing waters of the Maruia River, the hot pools are set in different shapes, sizes and temperatures, each surrounded by smooth river rocks.

Maruia Hot Springs are filtration hot springs. The water which surfaces is estimated to have been deep within the earth for more than 100 years. Due to its high mineral content, the thermal water has healing properties, and it’s thought to be particularly beneficial for detoxifying and softening the skin, along with alleviating pain and relaxing muscles. The water rises to the surface under it's own pressure at a temperature of approximately 54°C.

Today’s hot spring water fell as rain more than 100 years ago. It seeped down through deep fissures in the mountains and remained in underground reservoirs, heated by the earth and pushed back up to the surface.

Outdoor pools

Recently upgraded, the newly enhanced bathing experience at Maruia Hot Springs now includes:


Our private hot pools are currently being redeveloped and will open again soon!

Open: 8:00 am - 9:00pm

Adult Entry: $40.00

Child (Under 15 years): $18.00

Senior (Over 64 years): $30.00

Family (Two adults and up to three children): $95.00

Locker Hire: $4.00

Towel Hire: $6.00

Robe Hire: $12.00

Robe & Towel Hire: $15.00


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