Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

Answer: Day visit bathing opening hours: 8am- 9pm, 7 days a week.

What are your check in and check out times?

Answer: For overnight guests, check in time is at 3pm. If you arrive before 3pm and your room is not yet ready, you are welcome to use our pools and visit our cafe while you wait for your room access. Check out time is at 10:00am, but you are welcome to continue to use the pools after check out. 

How do I find Maruia Hot Springs?

Answer: Maruia Springs is located on national highway 7 between Christchurch and Nelson. See the directions page for details and a link to Google Maps.

What are your prices?

Answer: Maruia Hot Springs prices are: Adult $40, Child $18, Senior $30, Family $95. Children under 5 are free.

Can I wear street apparel in the pools?

Answer: No, the reason is because we are not a public pool; we require swim wear to be worn: this is the only acceptable attire to bathe in. 

Can I bathe whilst pregnant?

Answer: We do not recommend bathing in the hot mineral pools during pregnancy, as the body requires no further heat or stimulation. Fully immersing your body in the warm water will raise your body temperature, which can be dangerous during pregnancy. You are still welcome to visit the Bath House as there are a number of activities available. If you do choose to use the Bath House pools, the reception staff will ask you to sign a waiver just to say that you are aware of the implications. 

Where does the water come from?

Answer: The hot mineral spring waters flow from a natural filtration geothermal spring under its own pressure, from where it is pumped to the pools.

How hot are the pools?

Answer: Pool temperatures vary from 37 to 43 degrees celcius.

What minerals does the water contain?

Answer: The water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others. The gentle aroma comes from the sulphur content. Read more

What are the health benefits of bathing?

Answer: Maruia Hot Springs are filtration hot springs. The water that surfaces is estimated to have been deep within the Earth for more than 100 years. The water rises to the surface under its own pressure at a temperature of approximately 54°C. The temperature of the pools varies from 42°C to 36°C depending on the pool and the time of the year. Along with relaxation, Maruia Hot Springs' mineral content  assists in many health benefits, read more

When are the quietest times to visit?

Answer: If you'd like a more serene experience, consider visiting Tuesday to Thursday 9am-noon. Private spa is currently closed until further notice due to renovations. 

Should I still visit if it's raining or snowing?

Answer: Many people ask us whether they should visit when it’s raining or snowing and the answer is yes! It's superb and very special in the rain; while your body is immersed in the warm thermal mineral water, rain drops refresh your face. You can also bathe indoors. However, please check road conditions first, read more.

How are your pools kept clean?

Answer: Our pools are cleaned on a rotating roster each day. Cleaning commences from 6am through to 8am (generally). The cleaning process generally takes no longer than 1 hour to complete and half an hour to fill back up. Pools are open 24hrs to guests

Can I bathe or have a treatment if I or a friend have cancer?

Answer: We recommend that you obtain medical advice from your oncologist before entering the pools or having a treatment, to ensure that it is suitable and recommended for you. On arrival at Maruia Hot Springs you may be asked to sign a waiver form.

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